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The sustainable properties of plastic on show at Propak Cape

by maurisha

Plastics are a valuable part of the packaging materials mix which offers functionality that is difficult to replicate with other packaging materials. Its barrier properties for food and product preservation are extremely valuable in ensuring the integrity of the product enclosed. By safeguarding the product, plastic packaging saves resources and reduces the carbon and water footprints associated with manufacturing that product.

The growing medical and pharmaceutical industries rely on plastic packaging to ensure that equipment remains sterile. Incidences of infections are growing the market for sterile packaged pouches for medical devices. Medicines can also be securely stored in plastic containers.

Plastic packaging plays a major role in creating a barrier for preserving and ensuring the safety of food, which reduces overall food waste, which is a very large problem in South Africa.

The light weight of plastic as a packaging material also results in the transportation of products of equal volume generating fewer carbon emissions than the same products packaged in heavier materials. Plastic is also very durable and could result in less spoilage or breakage during transportation and handling compared to other materials.

In the last two decades, cheaper and lightweight plastic packaging has not only been used for new products but has also replaced traditional reusable containers. Packaging also enables a much wider range of foodstuffs to be marketed in supermarkets and through e-commerce.

The South African plastics industry is leading the way in recycling

The South African Plastics Pact has some of the most ambitious recycling targets in the world. A Mordor Intelligence Industry report on the South African Plastics Packaging Market noted that the recycling trend is growing at a healthy rate in South Africa with government regulations and high consumer awareness. Plastics SA recently released a recycling report that stated that South Africa is amongst the best countries in the world in plastics recycling. They noted that even developed nations, with sophisticated collection and sorting systems, do not recycle as much plastic as South Africa.

Visitors to this year’s Propak Cape exhibition taking place at the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC) from 24-26 October, can expect to see and experience the latest in plastics production techniques and materials, sustainable plastics and recycling solutions.

Broad range of products on show

The Veleta Group, supplier of automated sorting solutions for the recycling of industrial plastics, will showcase its new colour sorter for pellets, PET flakes, PET Shreds, HDPE, PE, PP, PVC, PC/Alloy, PC, PMMA, ABS-FR and whole plastic bottles along with food processing capabilities. The sorting solutions use a range of technologies, including cameras, lighting and machine learning software to achieve a purer quality of products by removing product defects and foreign materials by colour, shape and texture.

Manufacturers of plastic containers for the food packaging industry, Zibo Containers will showcase its Rigid Skin Pack trays manufactured from recycled PET material. The Rigin Skin Pack trays will be sealed on the company’s  MAP & SKIN tray sealing machines for the packaging and presentation of upmarket meat cuts. The sealing solution increases the fresh meat cut shelf-life by more than 20 days while maintaining the product freshness and texture.

Supplier of thermosplastic materials and products, Ampa Plastics Group will showcase its Ampallet at Propak Cape 2023. The Ampallet is a twin-wall propylene pallet that comes flat packed and die-cut, ready for quick assembly. The pallets unique design makes them collapsible into flat sheets allowing customers to benefit from cost efficiency and space economy.

Local recycler Extrupet will display its flagship brand, the PheonixPET, at Propak Cape. This food grade recycled polyethylene terephthalate resin is recycled from PET bottle materials into food grade rPET to be reused in the packaging industry.

Just under 200 exhibitors

With just under 200 exhibitors, Propak Cape will provide visitors with the opportunity to see the latest in primary and secondary packaging, cutting-edge equipment in the food processing industry, and the newest production techniques and materials in plastics. Modern trends in packaging printing and the vital role of labelling will be in the spotlight, and visitors will also gain insight into state-of-the-art production machinery, equipment, and services.

Propak Cape is supported by the Institute of Packaging SA (IPSA), Packaging SA, Plastics SA, Printing SA, and the Aerosol Manufacturers Association (AMA). IPSA will be running a one-day high-level Responsible Packaging conference alongside the show on the Wednesday, 25 October.

Content-rich free-to-attend seminars will take place each day of the show, presented by industry experts.

Visitors can register online for free access to Propak Cape at www.propakcape.co.za

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