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Rise of Procurement demands a new breed of multi -skilled ,strategic thinking tech savvy procurement professionals

by maurisha

Procurement is on the rise and there is growing demand for a new breed of procurement professionals, according to Debbie Tagg, chief operating officer of Smart Procurement.

Procurement is evolving, demanding professionals who are strategic thinkers, tech-savvy, and multi-skilled. Debbie Tagg, COO of Smart Procurement, highlights this transformation, stating that modern procurement professionals are no longer just cost-savers but strategy shapers, value generators, innovators, and relationship builders involved in every business aspect. They now have a voice at the executive table.

The profession has shifted from transactional functions to driving business strategy, innovation, and sustainability. With ongoing supply chain challenges, the importance of risk management and ethical sourcing is growing. In South Africa, the new Public Procurement Bill will further elevate the profession, introducing new challenges and opportunities. Tagg emphasizes the importance of education and skills development to meet these challenges.

Smart Procurement has expanded its offerings to support the profession, ensuring it keeps pace with global trends through education, networking, and knowledge sharing. The 11th Annual Western Cape Procurement Conference, held from June 10-12, 2024, will focus on procurement’s role in shaping resilient communities and sustainable infrastructure. The fifth KwaZulu-Natal Smart Procurement World event will return to Durban from June 25-27, 2024, focusing on strengthening infrastructure and manufacturing supply chains.

The 18th Annual Smart Procurement World Indaba and the fourth annual Sustainability Summit Africa will take place in Johannesburg from September 9-12, 2024. These events highlight the growing importance of sustainable procurement practices, which impact human rights, labor rights, good governance, and economic stability.

To find out more or get involved in these events as an exhibitor, delegate or media partner, contact info@smartprocurementworld.com or visit www.smartprocurementworld.com

For more information, contact: 0861 334 326

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