by Tia

Unlocking opportunities starts with an individual before they can look over to the next person, the next plan, or business for help. Questioning and maximizing from opportunities that you know can be game-changers for you is very important. Some keys that are ready to unlock doors aren’t going to be what you are thinking of.

Opportunities can come in many ways, knocking on doors, networking, meetings, mentorship zones, a simple conversation with a stranger, there is just a lot. The South African business landscape is so diverse and vast, know what works.

Positioning yourself at the right place, at the right time will always play out well for you and your business. Whether you aren’t sure of it or not, you will never walk out of a room filled with your industry’s top dogs, without managing to liaise with at least one person. In that case, make sure to introduce yourself, ask for their contact details.

Sometimes keeping in touch and service is best, even if you don’t milk anything that you want at the forefront. When an opportunity arises in weeks, months or years to come, they may have you in mind. Try it, and unlock massive opportunities for yourself. Think about how you can be of service to the person or company you need on board, to assist you.

Approach you better play it safe when it comes to how you approach people and opportunities. Timing is so important. For example, at a very busy event, you can’t walk upto a Marketing Manager who is busy trying to win out a deal for their company, and you ask for their assistance. Wrong timing, and intrusion of space. Also know the season and peak for your industry.

This sets in mapping. Opportunity is such a strategic and analytical tool, that if used well it can deepen our understanding on how we can identify opportunities and take advantage of them.

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