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Software helps to streamline the interview process

by Justin

The way that we work since the Covid pandemic hit us has changed massively, the adoption of video conferencing and video meetings has been massive. Zoom and Teams have become the norm and now form part of our daily vocabulary.

In saying this, the way interviews are being conducted is also very similar– candidates are no longer doing in-person interviews but rather being invited to Zoom and Teams interviews.

Jesse Bosch, CEO and Founder of interviewME, started his company after realizing that he spent more time in in-person interviews that doing his actual ‘day job’ of interviewing candidates for vacancies.

“Filling these vacancies was a priority for me and I figured if I spent a week or two doing many interviews, the likelihood of filling these vacancies sooner rather than later was high.

“Unfortunately, one to two weeks ended up lasting a lot longer than I had thought. More times than not, I’d find myself conducting an initial interview and very quickly realizing the candidate was not a fit for whatever reason. However, out of courtesy I’d continue the interview for longer than I really needed to, which resulted in me losing massive amounts of time in my day,” Bosch explains.

Bosch researched possible solutions that could fast track the interviewing process, and came across one-way video interviews. One-way video interviews are popular in the US and the EU, however, he couldn’t find any local providers that did this and decided that South Africa needed something like this. He then embarked on the journey to develop a Proudly South African one-way video interviewing platform which he likes to call “video interview as a service”.

Software improves the initial screening and first interview process

InterviewME is a platform that allows hiring companies to interview candidates without having to interview the candidate in person as the software does the interviews for you. The purpose of the platform is not to replace the entire interview process but rather improve the initial screening and first interview process – helping hiring managers and companies identify who they really want to interview in person.

Due to the high unemployment rate in SA, the amount of applications for vacancies is massive and HR teams simply don’t have the capacity to screen candidates effectively. Often most candidates are overlooked if they don’t have an “impressive” CV, for whatever reason. InterviewME allows companies to build interviews which the candidates then get to complete in their own time, and hiring managers can view these interviews in their own time too.

Saves time

A standard first interview normally lasts around 30- 40 minutes. In the same amount of time you can now interview up to six candidates. More importantly, you can view these interviews in your own time. Candidates are also no longer being judged purely on their CV.

“Our platform guarantees recruiters up to 45% time saved in interviews and a reduction of up to 60% is cost to hire,” says Bosch.

“InterviewME is a SAAS solution designed to save time. Our platform is fully mobile-friendly and we have also taken into account high data costs from a candidate’s perspective to ensure our platform is optimized as best as possible to ensure data usage is at a minimum.

“Many South African corporates are already making use of international tools like ours. Now we have our own locally developed solution and are asking corporates in SA to start supporting local – as we now have what is traditionally sourced from overseas,” Bosch concludes.


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